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THE DEBUT OF KITCHEN TABLE MAGAZINE in 2018 marked Brett Warnock’s return to publishing after a long career as the co-publisher of venerated comic book and graphic novel house, Top Shelf Productions. Is Brett an anachronistic throwback to a dead era in the digital age, or does print still matter? That’s for you to decide, dear reader, because you can read our magazine in either format. Inside the pages of our debut issue, you’ll be tempted by a varied and eclectic selection of juicy food stories, zesty art, and toothsome ideas.


KATE BLAIRSTONE PAINTS UP a luscious wallpaper design resplendent with morels, mussels, radicchio, and winter squash. Settle down with a beverage and savor the equally delicious content.


AN ILLUSTRATED ASSEMBLAGE of Portland’s donut scene and a comic strip history of popcorn; an illustrated how-to series on eating seafood, the bounty of our precious oceans; explore the salty, tangy, funky world of fish sauce; the best movie candy. (Junior Mints. Not up for debate.)


COVID MADE US EXAMINE the value of the Third Place—communal spots other than work or home—where we connect with each other, the natural world, and ourselves. 

WHY WE STILL LOVE GOING TO THE MOVIES, even with the ubiquity of streaming content; visit Oui Presse, a gem in Portland’s abundant coffee shop scene; walk in the woods and experience shinrin-yoku, the Japanese art of forest bathing. 


THIS ISSUE FEATURES TWO ESSAYS that explore the complicated history and issues surrounding international cuisine; walk with us on a small farm in the middle of the city; Cory Schreiber, the James Beard Award-winning chef who helped to bring Pacific Northwest cuisine national attention, discusses the importance of farm-to-table cooking and the impact of place on cuisine; all this plus the chalkboard beer art of Double Mountain Brewery.


    • Pistachio cake
    • Spanish rice

NOTE: KITCHEN TABLE #1 IS ALMOST OUT OF PRINT, and is only available in the FULL MEAL DEAL, which collects all of our first four issues.


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