Local Rocker Beer Label
Sketch 1/2
Sketch 3/4
Sketch 5/6

James Kochalka was commissioned to create a beer can label for Magic Hat Brewing in Burlington, VT, as we featured in the print edition of Kitchen Table #2. Here in this digital exclusive, for your edification and enjoyment, are James’ preliminary prep drawings.

Sketch 7/8
Sketch 9/10

“Magic Hat approached me about the can,” says James. “They had the beer name picked out already. I love beer, and trying different beers, so I was excited to draw the can. Local Rocker is a farmhouse saison and it’s actually my favorite of all the beers magic hat produces. I did a bunch of prep drawings… but then they really like a gig poster I did for my 50th birthday party rock show better than any of the prep drawings, so I ended up basing the final design on that instead.”

50th Bday Poster
Final artwork

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