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Eggplant in 500 Words

Experts can presume where a fruit or vegetable made the transition from plant to crop based on where the largest collections of wild strains are located. This methodology informs us the tomato’s homeland is in Western South America. The potato

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Okra at a farmers market

Okra in 500 words

There are thousands of ingredients that can be used in the kitchen. Get to know them 500 words at a time.   It’s doubtful okra could get fill a category in Jeopardy. There are only three questions to be offered

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KTM Dinner Series

Kitchen Table Dinner Series: One

Rain was coming down in great gusts, so the festivities all took place inside. Er… except for the Weber kettle-bbq I had fired up in the open garage, which was used to roast green chilis and late-season tomatoes. (It was

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