WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME THAT YOU READ A COMIC STRIP ON THE HISTORY OF POPCORN? Or rethought the modern convenience store? Sat down for supper with The Simpsons? Perused a scrumptious photo essay on finding family at the farmers market?  Read on to learn more about KITCHEN TABLE.

KITCHEN TABLE  IS A VOICE FOR INCLUSIVE FOOD CULTURE, sustainability, our relationship with place, and our ability to be present in a world of digital distraction. Food is both universal and deeply personal, a form of self-expression and cultural connection. In the pages of KITCHEN TABLE  you will find stories, art, and ideas that explore the beautiful, flawed, and interconnected web of our food system. We’re ordering the whole menu and we want you to try every dish.

PUBLISHER, ART DIRECTOR, AND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Brett Warnock was the founder and co-publisher of the venerated comic book company TOP SHELF PRODUCTIONS. With KITCHEN TABLE Brett returns to publishing, and combines his experience in visual arts and storytelling, with a passion for food, cooking, and a deep love of place.


EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to all of our original Kickstarter supporters. We made it, by a relatively decent margin, right before Christmas Day 2018. We couldn’t have launched KTM without your help. Thanks for joining us for this amazing journey.

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